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         Chance and probability

         Clocks and time



This grid activity will set your graph reading skills on track.





Moon maths

An interactive resource allowing learners to practice multiplication.



Visual fractions
Independent Practice 2 Draw a circle around the pictures to represent the fraction given. Standard: MATH 1 Grades: (K-2) Free Math Worksheet View worksheet

Math Worksheets Center

is home to over 8,000 K-12 math worksheets, lesson, homework, and quizzes.

Catch the FlyMr. Frog needs you to give him the x, y coordinates for a fly so he candine. Type in the correct coordinates of where the fly lands to feed thefrog.

Maths with the Mob

Kindergarten teachers can add an Aboriginal perspective to their mathematics lessons by using the lesson plans and ideas available from this website. The resources are readily available and also incorporate visual arts activities.



Good Calculators

This website provides a variety of online calculators, math and physics, engineering and conversion calculators.




Patterns/Geometry: Cube Colouring Problem


Grade Level(s): 5, -12

Overview: Investigate what happens when different sized cubes are constructed from unit cubes, the surface areas are painted, and the large cubes are taken apart. How many of the 1x1x1 unit cubes are painted on three faces, two faces, one face, no faces?

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Work in groups to solve a problem.

    Determine a pattern from the problem.

    Write exponents for the patterns.

    Predict the pattern for larger cubes.

    Graph the growth patterns.

    Extend to algebra. - very interactive and colourful.

    At the Cool-eVodcast Center, students and parents can view a vodcast, also called a vidcast which is a video recording of the computer screen of the daily lessons taught each day or lessons of basic skills such as decimals or fractions.  With the use of my interactive whiteboard, all teaching occurs through the computer, therefore the video created is a presentation exactly like that the student saw in class that day!!! I hope you enjoy this technology and find it useful to help student and parent alike to master the Algebraic concepts presented in my classroom! 

    Dog sizes

    I never thought about this before. According to this story, dogs have more variation in size than any other species. Down in the middle of the story, there's a statistic that the smallest dog on record was a 2-pound Chihuahua, and the biggest dogs are 80 times heavier.

    So how heavy is that? For kids just learning their times tables, you can make use of the idea that 2x80 = 2x(8x10) = (2x8)x10. So, how much is 2x8, or easier for most kids, 8x2? 16. And how much is 16x10? Just add a zero, which gives you a dog weighing 160 pounds. [Via Big Learning]


    Bouncing Balls and Geometric Series [Real Player, Windows Media Player] The introduction to this intriguing exercise and article begins "If a ball bounces an infinite number of times, it must take an infinite amount of time to finish bouncing!" This piece appeared in The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications in May 2007, and it was authored by Robert Styer and Morgan Besson of Villanova University. This particular article and its accompanying teaching module "explore the time and distance of a bouncing ball and leads to a study of the geometric series." Along with the actual article, this site also includes a video clip and several interactive Flash mathlets. It's a fun way to get students thinking about geometric series, and mathematics educators will definitely want to tell colleagues about the site as well From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.







    Curriculum subjects


    Resources for Teachers



    Teaching Strategies


    Reasonable Estimation

    math/MAG/K-2MAGActivities.pdf/K-2C2A2.pdf This activity may help students to recognize when estimating is  appropriate. Bean Flick

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0205.html In this lesson, students use beans and/or bean bags to practice their  estimation and measurement skills. Estimating Distances

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0002.html The students will get a better understanding on how people estimate  distances and the process in estimating short distances.

    From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.

    Venn Diagrams [Macromedia Flash Player]

    Unions, intersections, and differences: This can all be quite confusing to students trying to enter the potentially tricky world of Venn Diagrams. Fortunately, Alfredo Jiminez of Pennsylvania State University, Hazleton has created this handy Flash-enabled teaching application designed to provide students with an engaging way to learn about this subject. The project is party of the Digital Classroom Resources at the MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library, and visitors will find this particular learning activity quite easy to use. The interactive tool contains seven sections, including those dealing with the principles of union and intersection, distributive properties, and De Morgan’s laws. Within each section, visitors can try their hand with a series of short questions and then take advantage of some review materials and, of course, a few basic tests.




    Get your child ready for kindergarten with our well-structured (free) Math Curriculum!


     How Long is a Minute?

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0213.html Students will predict and count how many times various exercises can be  performed in a minute. Estimation and Measurement Students first measure with the idea of units in mind and are then  challenged to consider why it is important to have standardized units. Introduction to Measurement These lessons are designed to engage young children in a series of  activities where they measure and describe the attributes of integer bars.

    Along with their substantial instructional resources, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) has worked to place valuable mathematical materials online to aid both teachers and students. This particular site contains links discovered and vetted by George Alexander, who works on behalf of the AMATYC. Here visitors will find links to materials that can be used to teach students about the fundamentals of geometry, including plane motion, polyhedras, symmetry, and tessellations. In total, there are links to 33 resources here, and suggestions for new materials are always welcome.

    From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.

     Project Ideas for Math Fairs Ideas for Math homework projects.


    Math Webquests 

    Large collection of Math webquests for students of all ages.


    Interactive math resources for teachers, parents, and students featuring free math worksheets, math games, math flashcards, and more.



    Making Estimations in Measurement This particular activity was designed to provide students with an opportunity to utilize their knowledge of measurement in making  accurate measurements and estimations. How Many Coins in the Jar?

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0214.html Students will predict and measure how many of certain items it takes to  fill a jar. 

    CM by CM

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0201.html Students will be able

    to calculate basic estimations and take measurements  of linear objects.



     Inchworm Measurement

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0203.html Students will be introduced to the concept of measuring length. Students  use inchworm measuring tools to measure the lengths of several classroom  objects. Learning Measurement

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0016.html In this lesson, students will understand the attribute of length, develop  a process of measuring, understand concepts related to units of measure,  use estimating to measure, and learn how to use these processes in  everyday life. Making Estimations in Measurement

    Lessons/Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0005.html This particular activity was designed to provide students with an  opportunity to utilize their knowledge of measurement in making accurate  measurements and estimations.


    Independent Practice 2

    Features 20 absolute value problems.Grades: (6-8)

    View worksheet


     Quarter Hours and Half Hours

    Mathematics/Measurement/MEA0209.html This lesson plan incorporates children's literature with telling time, specifically half hours and quarter hours. Using Nonstandard Measurement


    Measurement/MEA0208.html This lesson incorporates nonstandard measurement into the classroom  through the use of

    measurement stations for children to explore. Students  will be measuring objects with their hands, feet, and pinky fingers.

    Interactive maths Sites and Mathematics and Art

    A list of Web articles, books, and other resources that bring together mathematics and art. The following listing also provides links to Web sites and pages devoted to the artworks of particular artists and mathematicians.

    Math Homework Ideas

    ElementaryMathHomeworkIdeas.pdf Collection of fun ideas for Math homework.

    Math-Drills.Com includes: Over 4100 free printable math worksheets (number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions); answer keys; blackline masters (grid paper, hundred charts, and times tables); holiday math worksheets; a teaching/learning strategy discussion forum (for educators, parents, and students); and a growing number of word problems. The worksheets on Math-Drills.Com can be used for assessment, mental math, algorithm practice, and a variety of other activities. 










    Books and Reading





    Booklists of kids books

      Big sums"These two programs are aimed at using with projectors and whole class teaching. They can however be used with small groups around a standard monitor. The screens start with the maximum numbers set to 10 but this can be altered by the user. The main screen allows the user to hide or show the first, second or answer digits. Numbers can also be changed whilst they are hidden."

     Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects Links to Math and Science projects for students.

    Abiator's Active Classroom Mathematics Index  Reviewer's Note: Lots of interactive maths activities

     Interactive Math Links List of sites that contain interactive Math activities.

    Developing a Mathematics Project

    Advice, tips, and topic ideas from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for doing mathematics projects at the middle-school level.

    Sesame Street Number of The Day Students practice counting skills as they help The Count count how many objects are in each picture.

    Grade Six Problems of Maths problems with multiple choice answers and hints.  Year 6 Maths Problems of problems to complete online.

    SBGMath site includes a range of primary maths lessons that link to outside sites for engaging material and relevant information to support the completion of student activity sheets. (Level: EC - UP)

    Math Problems of Maths problems.

    Making boxes and geometric solids Mobius strip mathPaper sculpture for kids

    Sample Work Problems

    10ticks"Offering National Curriculum compliant maths worksheets for teachers, parents and students.  Comprehensive maths support for students with helps, games and activities."

    - Year 5 line graphs- Year 3 3d shapes  Fishy Count Count the fish shown, then click on the shell with the correct number. The Number Game Read the number word and pick the number that matches. This game has 10 questions.


    Learning Wave Online

    Learning Wave Online is a classroom resource for interactive mathematics.  Each topic contains explanations of the concepts and interactive practice designed to engage and challenge students. Topics include Number Theory, Integers, Decimals, Fractions, Percent, Probability, Algebra, and Geometry

      100 Interesting Mathematical Problems, Exercises, Puzzles Brad DeLong is always on the lookout for math problems that can convince students that math is a useful tool for everyday life. Among the ones he's come up with: "the muddy parent problem," "How rich is Fitzwilliam Darcy," "World War II bomber pilot survival odds."

    Numeracy Kids' Pages site contains interactive mental arithmetic work sheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and long division. Users submit the answers and they are 'marked' online. The numbers used are mainly single digit.

    Formswift - With our lesson plan template, educators can create and fill out lesson plans with a professional design for their math courses, and download them in PDF or MS Word format with a single click.

    Videos show how math, science relate to real-world applications and careers  

    Math and science educators will find free video resources that can help connect their lessons to real-world applications at The site produces short documentary-style videos that take students behind the scenes with professionals from a wide range of careers. As the subjects of these video clips discuss why math and science are so important in their respective fields, they help answer the common question, "Why do I need to learn this?" The site's Hand-On Math section features movies on counting numbers and integers, algebra, fractions, geometry, measurement, and statistics.

    One clip incorporates measurement into a video about college students who must measure food for animal feedings. Teachers can download classroom activities based on the video content. All videos and classroom activities are available free of charge.

    Absurd Math Math is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series.  The player proceeds on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas. Anytime a player needs help, there is assistance through an email link. The focus of these interactive games is algebra and geometry.


    MathFROG is a Canadian site that contains games and resources developed by a team at the University of Waterloo (Ontario) and are intended forstudents in grades four, five and six. The lessons are self-contained, combining online mathematics games or technological tools with appropriate paper-and-pencil follow-up exercises, which can also

    be downloaded free of charge. Each lesson lasts about 45 to60 minutes andincludes information on the related Ontario curriculum topics that are addressed. A section for parents and teachers provides some background information on the activities, including a Master Lesson List that lists all the lessons in a table format that includes the expectations for learning within each lesson, the math topics covered by the related strand and the name given to the lesson.


    Toy Shop Numbers In the following lesson, students participate in activities in which they focus on the role of numbers and language in real-world situations.








    Arts, crafts & activities








    Fun and games




    Cats Cradle and other string games

    Math-Drills.Com -- Free Math Worksheets

    Math-Drills.Com includes over 6000 free math worksheets with answer keys. These printable worksheets can be used for assessment, mental math, algorithm practice, and a variety of other activities. You are welcome to use any of the free math worksheets on this website as long as they are helping you or someone else to learn math.

     The Counting Game An online game for children who are just starting to learn to count. 


    Numbers and Counting to Twenty 


    Collection of  online activities designed to improve number skills. Let Us Count 


    Count the number of objects. 

    Count the Mice 

    Students count the Computer Mice in the image in the column on the right side of the page. 


    This site has math fact worksheets, place value problems, addition without carrying, subtraction without borrowing, suites of multiplication tests using various methodologies, fractions and more. It’s done wonders for my kids. I hope it does the same for yours



    Year 1-2 Sites 


    BBC Number Time 

    Selection of online games to develop number skills. 


    Watch Addem 

    Online games for building addition and subtraction skills. 


    Cyberchase Number Machine 

    Beat Hacker at his own game. Use 3 numbers to create a number that is larger than the one Hacker makes. 


    Eye Of The Rom Game 

    Travel through an ancient maze to help the Cybersquad find pieces for the eye of rom. Use cardinal directions and inverse operations to find your way in and out. 


    Mini Golf 

    Play 18 holes of miniature golf. Move your mouse around your character to aim. Move the mouse away from the character to gain power. 


    Fraction Bars 

    Learn about fractions using these coloured fraction bars. 


    Fraction Visualising a fraction by dividing a shape and highlighting the appropriate parts. 


    Online Addition 

    Simple game that keeps score of your progress as you complete addition algorithms. 


    Base 10 Blocks 

    Virtual base 10 block applet that includes instructions and lesson plan. 


    Color Chips - Addition 

    Use color chips to illustrate addition of integers. 


    Addem Up 

    Add the numbers and click on the correct answer. This game has 10 questions. 


    Take It Away 

    Subtract the numbers and click on the correct answer. 



    Kinder Lessons One Nose, Two Eyes 

    Students learn to recognize numbers using fun songs, rhymes, and games. 


    Counting Fun with Gummi Bears 

    The main purpose of the lesson is to help children understand the concept of numbers using familiar manipulatives. 


    Begin With Buttons 

    In this unit of 8 lessons, students use buttons to explore logical and numerical relationships. 


    Let's Count to 10 

    In this unit, students make groups of zero to 10 objects, connect number names to the groups, compose and decompose numbers, and use numerals to record the size of a group. 


    Let's Count to 20 

    In this unit, students make groups of 10 to 20 objects, connect number names to the groups, compose and decompose numbers, and use numerals to record the size of a group. 


    Numeral Recognition, Matching, and Writing 

    The purpose of this activity is to evaluate, reinforce and review numeral recognition, one to one matching and the writing of numerals from 1-20. 


    Year 1-2 Lessons 


    BBC Number Time Worksheets 

    Worksheets related to counting and addition and subtraction skills/ 


    Counting and Place Value 

    The objective of this lesson is to give first grade students a concrete understanding of place value by providing concrete opportunities to use place value to practice counting, adding and subtracting using a phenomenological approach. 


    Ten Little Black Dots 

    Students will discover the various ways they can combine two numbers to equal a sum of 10. 


    Comparing Connecting Cubes 

    This unit of work focuses on the comparative mode of subtraction and children explore the relationship between addition and subtraction. 


    Do It with Dominoes 

    In this Unit Plan, students explore the four models of addition using dominoes. 


    Fun with Fractions 

    In this unit plan, students explore relationships among fractions through work with the region model. 


    How Many More Fish? 

    This unit focuses on comparative subtraction. Students use fish-shaped crackers to explore all five meanings for the operations of subtraction. 


    Ideas with Food 

    The following lessons focus on student organization, preparation, and presentation of some simple foods as a way to apply various mathematical concepts. 


    Learn Those Facts 

    Students use the properties of addition to learn addition facts and to lighten the learning load for the addition tables. 


    Estimation Lesson 

    Students guess the number of peas in a pod and write an addition and subtraction sentence for the number of peas in the pod. 


    Number Line Arithmetic


    Illustrates arithmetic operations using a number line. 



    We provide guarantee to pass 640-878 dumps gmat with online exam training Actual Tests you can also get best quality VMWARE along with 700-303 brain dump for your guaranteed success.

    Educational Posters



    Introduction to Fractions Unit 

    These lessons are designed to guide young children through an introduction to fractions. 


    In Am The Greatest Game 

    This activity's blend of skill and chance becomes a highly motivating vehicle to enhance understanding of the concept of place value. 


    Place Value 

    Lesson about the place value using ones and tens. 


    Fractions with Oranges


    This lesson provides an introductory activity for fractions. Oranges are used to show the difference between one whole, one half, and one quarter. 


    Addition and Subtraction Game 

    A group activity that provides review and drill in the format of a game for learning facts in subtraction and addition. 


    Create a Graph

    Users of this site from the US National Center for Education Statisticscan select from five graph formats, decide on display options, add data,and generate a graph which can then be printed and/or saved.


    MathsEric the Sheep

    Here's a simple number puzzle that leads to a surprisingly challenging investigation. It's a hot summer day, and Eric the Sheep is at the end of a line of sheep waiting to be shorn. There are 50 sheep in front ofhim. Being an impatient sort of sheep, though, every time the shearer takes a sheep from the front of the line to be shorn, Eric sneaks up two places in line. This learning object allows students to investigate using simple numbers and then to make predictions about solutions with larger numbers.


     Cadbury - Maths in the Factory

    Developed in conjunction with UK teachers, Maths in the Factory features mathematics in the realistic and motivating context of making chocolate to develop and extend mathematical knowledge at Key Stage 2 (UK). The site is divided into three zones: Learning Zone, Teachers' Zone, and Parents' Zone. The Learning Zone contains interactive explorations and activities that develop sorting and multiplication skills. Both the Teachers' Zone and Parents' Zone contain additional materials for use in the classroom and at home.

    COUNT US IN:  Collection of fifteen number games from the Australian Broadcasting Company is for counting beginners. All the games are available for free download, so they can be played offlineon either a Mac or Windows computer. Thanks, Barbara Feldman.


    Statsercise is a theme based student activity which provides short exercises and statistical snippets designed to prompt student thought about how statistics can be collected, analysed and used. The activities use published ABS statistics and make reference to further information on the ABS web site. All data and associated activities are designed to enhance and further challenge the mathematical curriculum requirements of students at the upper primary levels. Years 4-7.



    Gravity and Weight on Other Planets (Grades 3 - 12)  Lesson Plan. Students learn about gravity, mass, and weight by calculating their weights on various planets.


    Statistics Census At School - Australian Bureau of Statistics

    CensusAtSchool is a highly motivating e-learning experience which aims to support the development of statistical literacy in students across Australia and to raise awareness of the next Census of Population and Housing on 8 August 2006. The CensusAtSchool project will allow students (Years 5-10) to collect real statistical information about themselves for use across the curriculum (Mathematics, SOSE/HISE, Health and Physical Education, English, and ICT).

    * exSTATic is a free, theme-based student activity which gives students an opportunity to analyse a real dataset in Excel. An ABS dataset is provided along with short exercises and analytical questions designed to get students thinking about how statistics can be collected, analysed and used. The first exSTATic for 2005 is based on participation rates in sport across Australia. All data and associated activities have been collated for students at the lower to middle secondary levels (grades 6-10). All statistical concepts included are designed to meet national and state mathematics curriculum requirements.


    Number matching Game - “Matching” develops fundamental grouping and numeral recognition skills as your child connects numerals with groups of objects.


    Standardised Math tests Year 5Revise Wise

    Tests for various math strands and levels.

    Grade 5 Maths Test


    Online Maths Test Practice Maths Tests


    Links to various Maths tests.

    Grade 5 Sample Items

    Online sample test questions.         Math activities

    Math League The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials and contests to students.

    Pumpkin Pie for All 

    The students will take a basic pie recipe and will multiply a fractional amount to make enough for their class. 




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