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 This one is organized by standard, you have to find the algebra standards and choose your grade level. =i&n=20&fl=0&vc=countryCA&x=wrt&all=1

 Purple Math

 Absurd Math: Pre-Algebra from Another Dimension


 Math Dork

 College of Math Resources on the WWW Scroll down to "Math Teaching, Math
 Education and Math Student Servers"  Your teacher will find much more than
 just algebra at this site!

 Cool Math Sites Click on Algebra and Pre-Algebra on the left Click on Algebra or Pre-Algebra for lots of links ... just use the
search facility on this page which comes up with 27 links.

 The BBC Math Files has interactive games:

 There's also an interesting calendar puzzle using algebra at has some very nice
 interactive activities



 This site has a lot of interactive tutorials: id=25

Videos and lessons :



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