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Pivotal Kids - Game




One apple

one orange




and music


Players: Small to large groups


 Print out slips of paper that you will pull out of a container. Each slip will be labeled differently as follows: before the apple, the apple, after the apple, before the orange, the orange, and after the orange. You might want to do a couple sets in case certain slips become detectable after use.


Once youíve completed the slips place them in a container mix them up. Have players stand in a circle, give the apple to one person and the orange to someone across the circle, then start the music.


They are to pass the fruits until the music stops. When the music stops, pull out a slip of paper and read it. If the paper states before the specific fruit that person is out. If itís after the specific fruit that person is out. If it just states a fruit that person is out.


So not only do you have to worry about holding the fruit but where it is in the circle.


 If you have a large group, set up several circles or a circle within a circle would be cool.


You could also use different colored Fling Socks instead of fruit. Variations to the game can be passing the fruits under the leg, behind the back or twirl around once then pass the fruit.


Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.





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