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Better Parent/parents-improve Your Parenting Skills Subliminal Self Help Cd

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CD with Nature Sound: The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Ocean Waves and the Nature Sound. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind. Digitally mastered using brain wave generator, modern and new technology for filtering frequencies of each channel No Audible Words, This is not a Hypnosis CD, it is a Subliminal CD, and Words are beneath the audible perception of the conscious mind.





How to Create the Best Bedtime Routine   Strong Fathers, strong daughters   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Just when you thought you'd pulled your last all-nighter, your baby becomes a kid who won't go to bed.

The first step toward a good night's rest: Create a routine that takes you out of the equation before your child drifts off:

  strong fathers

10 Secrets Every Father Should Know (Hardcover) by Meg Meeker

 The most important person in a young girl’s life? Her father. That’s right—and teen health expert Dr. Meg Meeker has the data and clinical experience to prove it.

   Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that makes it hard for affected children to control their behaviour and pay attention. It is sometimes referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder).


Taking your kids perspective

It's quite easy for most fathers to look at their kids with a critical eye.

And why not? There's a lot riding on the outcome of your kids' development. There's the nagging worry that you're not doing your job well enough and that your child will develop "problems." There's also the fear of being judged as an incompetent or uninvolved father by others. And there's the relentless presence of your children, making mistakes by the truckload while you watch.

They do make mistakes. Lots of them. And you have a number of choices about how you respond to those mistakes and how critical you are of your kids.

Let's consider some different ways of looking at this issue to see if we can get some perspective:

      Creative Goal Setting for kids and teens

An Indian guide who displayed uncanny skills in navigating the rugged regions of the Southwest was asked how he did it. "What is your secret of being an expert tracker and trail-blazer?" a visitor asked him.

The guide answered: "There is no secret. One must only possess the far vision and the near look. The first step is to determine where you want to go. Then you must be sure that each step you take is a step in that direction."

A dream is what you would like for life to be. A Goal is what you intend to make happen. A goal is the near look; what, specifically, you intend to do on a daily basis to get there.  >>> more


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Pint-sized Entrepreneurs

As the excitement of school children builds to super-charged levels as they prepare to shift gears and fly into summertime, there has never been a better time for students to let their entrepreneurial wings catch the wind and soar.



Quiz: Your Heart-Health Nutrition Knowledge


Are you confused about which dietary recommendations to follow?  This heart-health quiz will give you an idea of how well you're keeping up.

Kids in the Kitchen

Make crystallised oranges

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