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Pivotal Kids Book


Blood ties

Author:  Sophie McKenzie

Winner of the Red House Children's Book Awards


List Price: $13.75

Price: $10.45



When Theo discovers the father he thought died when he was a baby is still alive, he's determined to find him. The clues lead him to the lonely Rachel, who has problems of her own, including parents who compare her unfavourably to her long-dead sister. But when Rachel and Theo are attacked by men from RAGE - the Righteous Army against Genetic Engineering - at Rachel's school disco, they are rescued by strangers and taken to meet a mysterious figure. There, they both make some startling discoveries about their identities, which will affect their past, present, and future in dramatic and life-altering ways...



Released:   7 July 2008

Publisher: Simon and Shuster

Ages: 9-12

Themes: Adventure, thriller, Science fiction



Formats:  Also available in paperback



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