Oliver Phommavanh

ISBN 978-0143304869
Format Paperback
Publisher Puffin
Published Australia



Mama tells me I'm gifted and talented.

But I know the truth.

I'm just a nerd.

Kids call me Con-nerd - half Connor and all nerd.

Only a nerd goes to tutoring classes on weekend and in school holidays!

I'm supposed to become a doctor but I have this deep, dark secret: I just want to draw. And my mega-cool cartoons are getting heaps of attention at school - I might even get into a special art class and have a go at an art competition. That would sure impress this girl I'm keen on...and it might just be my chance to show the world my true destiny.

But I'm not sure my family will see it quite that way...

Full of the signature laugh-out-loud humour seen in his fabulously funny Thai-riffic!, OLIVER PHOMMAVANH has produced yet another totally engaging and hilarious story about finding your own special talents and having the confidence to use them.

  • Themes include multiculturalism, parental pressure to perform, wanting to belong, friendship, and searching for your identity – all brought home with irreverent humour that kids will love.
  • Describes Chinese culture in an Australian context – religion, food, customs.
  • As a teacher, the author understands how kids think – and how important humour can be in helping them read and learn.
  • A perfect novel for literature circles, reciprocal reading groups or to read aloud to your class, Con-Nerd ties in beautifully with the Australian Curriculum cross curriculum priorities for Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.

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