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Learning resources from the Oxford English dictionary

Welcome to the learning resources area for the Oxford English Dictionary. On this part of the site, we are collecting a variety of materials which will help education professionals to incorporate OED Online into their teaching, and introduce students to research techniques which encourage them to explore the riches of the Dictionary.

We aim to offer materials suitable for all levels from age group 11 to 14 through to University level, and we invite teachers to share any OED-related activities which they have devised and found useful.

As well as sample lesson plans and exercises, we will be adding more quizzes and word stories, and offering links to other sites on which similar materials for language study can be found.



Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom
A Project of The Internet TESL Journal

The Internet TESL Journal
For Teachers of English as a Second Language

Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links
This is a monthly web journal,

 The Kindersite Project is a free, safe resource for:
  a.. The introduction to technology for very young children
  b.. English as a second language and as a first language (EFL/ESL)
  c.. Special needs (Autism/Deaf/Downs etc.)
 It is being used in libraries, schools, preschool, kindergarten, early grades, homeschool etc. With registrations from 13,659 schools in 148

 It consists of 100s of graded items of games, stories and songs in 2 directories suitable for adult usage and children. The Kindersite is funded by completing European Union government education projects (they are listed on the Kindersite).

Formswift - With our lesson plan template, educators can create and fill out lesson plans with a professional design for their math courses, and download them in PDF or MS Word format with a single click.



I saw an ICTs lesson plan recently for younger kids that could be adapted -
 The basic intentions were to learn to use the thesaurus in MS Word and to experiment with Word Art. This was done in an activity replacing the "nice"  in a small "Have a nice day" sign/poster/greeting card with several other words done is various Word Art styles.

Other  cards saying Congratulations on a "good" result, Thanks for a nice meal,  etc could be used

 PS For alternatives to "said" I always liked the fun of "Tom Swifties" where the adverb and sometimes the verb  was a pun as in
 "You are as beautiful as the Venus de Milo," Tom whispered disarmingly
 "I'm halfway up a mountain," Edmund alleged
 "I'm tired of smiling," moaned Lisa
 "We're returning the ship to harbour", the captain reported






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