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Bridge to Terabithia is such an excellent novel.  It deals with real life situations and problems that many children face. 


The book  deals with family, life, friendship, fantasies, romance, and death.  Paterson presents death and child abuse in a very sensitive manner.  Children can use both the intellect and the emotions in reading the book and imagining themselves in the situations faced by the characters in the story.  It is beautifully written with the plot well structured and easily followed, and the language incredibly evocative.   


The Bridge to Terabithia offers opportunities for discussion and activities related to the many themes involved.  There is a wide vocabulary to explore and there are so many different suggestions that you can use in creating lessons and unit plans. 











Fiction Activities for The Bridge to Terabithia


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2 study guides

6 sets of comprehension questions and activities

3 Discussion Guides

4 Vocabulary activities

Community lessons

Extension activity

3 internet research activities

10 thematic lessons and units

14 Teaching ideas, lesson plans

7 Literacy activities

1 Language elements activity


Yes they are all free, and yes you can probably find them for yourself.  It took me hours of work, however, to find all of these (There are more than 50).  Originally there were double that many, but some were simply repeats, some were websites that my virus protection blocked, some were just too trivial to use, and some involved paid subscriptions. 


So if you are prepared to spend that amount of time by all means search for yourself ... or you can pay just $6.95 right now and that tedious search work is done for you.  Your time is more valuable than that.  Just click the buy now button which will take you to secure payment, and you will have the bulk of the research done for you.


(And, of course, if you are not satisfied with the links, you can ask for a refund.)


Pay just $6.95 now and you will have the basics to be adapted to your lessons and to your classroom.



50+ links

to Fiction Activities

for The Bridge to Terabithia  by Katherine Paterson


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