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Fun and Games


Toy Strip Origami

Play Hangman online


Ice Cream word search



Build Your Wild Self  Go Wild


Can you match all the animal tiles? In how many tries?

Try it and find out!


Joe needs your help to find his broccoli.

Joe's Maze Game


Can you guess the five letter word? Use your vocabulary


Quick Quizzes
Take our quick quizzes for fun and prizes



Mixed-Up Letters

Rearrange the tiles so that they are in alphabetical order, sliding one tile at a time into a vacant cell.


Find and click the objects listed in the riddle.


Mission : F3 - Fish for facts

"The databanks in The Deep Submersible have become corrupted. It has information about sea creatures but has forgotten which are which. We need your help to sort things out!"



Etch A Sketch Online

 Online version of this classic toy.


Game House




Beat the Bully
Its a race of smarts
and speed.





Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia


Amelia Bedelia is all mixed up, can you help unscramble her words?


There are many different moves in arm wrestling but the three basic techniques are the Hook, the Toproll and the Press.  

Picture Perfect

Find the differences between the photos with levels of increasing difficulty.


Festive 4th July Matching Game

Happy birthday, America

Match each word on the left with its patriotic partner on the right

Race Track

See if you can make it around a curvy racetrack and across the finish line without crashing

Word Find

Find the words in 4 flavour combinations!


Hoppers (Square Peg Solitaire)

Can you jump and remove pegs until there is only one left on this square board?

Bubble Struggle 

A game of strategy and skill




Join the jam with an online music game that’s sure to hit all the right notes with young children!
Learn about instruments as you listen to the animals play favorite children’s tunes solo—or with the band!
Brain Rummager

 ...word puzzles; quizzes; creative writing; anagrams; crossword puzzles;  pictures to stimulate creative thinking; the amazing Mandelbrot fractal; proverbs

and sayings; dragons; the Unpeople  behind the dark; curious  words and spellings; 17th century books; The First Folio of Shakespeare; letters of the alphabet; potions and spells;

written expression; thinking skills;

nonsense verse; and more.


Rugrats: Fun and Games
 Play games online and learn about your favourite characters.



Enter the Slime Universe to play a wacky game of volleyball.


Cool Quiz 


Packet Riders  

Games, Activities, Young Heroes



Valentine's MisInformation

Ms. Information is trying to help Nils escape from the Detention Centre! Can you click fast enough to stop them?

Spot the difference


Dougal Dog says, "Here are two drawings that are nearly the same. There are ten differences, can you spot them all?"



What is the worst sound in the world?

Fingernails scraping down a blackboard... the scream of a baby... your neighbour's dog barking: what is the worst sound in the world? This is what this website is trying to find out.

 The aim is to increase awareness of sound psychology by examining what makes a sound unpleasant to hear. Your votes on the site will also give us an insight into what is the worst sound in the world, and maybe why it is the worst sound.

Visit the site

Play 24 - the puzzle

The object of the game is to move all the 24 squares around to get them in numerical order.

  Snowboard Safari
Duuuude. It's getting cold outside, and you know what that means -- time to strap on your snowboard and go for a ride. But first, get a little practice in on this crazy expedition!


Yahooligans! Games


Rebus Puzzles

Answer Answer
Answer Answer

More rebus puzzles


Fall Fever

Catch falling Autumn leaves

--see if you can get 1,000 points!


Play Beary Scary Halloween

Goofy Hurdles
Jump the hurdles and go for gold with Goofy!

Listen to all your favourite ABC songs and stories with

Playground Radio


Frog Game


Design your own Space Bedroom

Design your own Space Bedroom! Choose your furniture, toys and colours and arrange them in your space pod.

View 'Design your own Space Bedroom


Help Lydia the Librarian find books for the kids before they get upset and leave! The better your memory the better you’ll do at Lightning Librarian



Play the original Battleship
Play the original Battleship game online

Play some cool

Roald Dahl Games

Play the game to put the planets

 in their proper places



Mix n Match

Mix n Match




Help the ladybug find her way home

Click here for Printable


Recycling Puzzle

Slide the pieces to help

the dinos recycle the coconut!


Play Market Memory - Match the fresh fruit and vegetables



Taking a big bite isn't always the best strategy in this two-player game.






Race Track

See if you can make it around a curvy racetrack and across the finish line without crashing.


Rebus Puzzle Answers

Try one of the puzzles at


Join the Dots



Skateboard Science

webcast trickScience equipment glossary

At the Exploratorium

Turkey Tic Tac Toe

From  World Almanac for Kids!

Ping Pong
Remember the old classic? See how high you can score!

Based on the classic peg jumping game, our version will keep you jumping for hours.


Just for fun

Make sure the sound is on, but think about who is around when you turn it up ...  

and visit

the pipecleaner dancer


Conservation Central
Conservation Central is a habitat education program, presented by Fuji film, our Partner in Conservation Education. This program explores the temperate forest, home of the giant panda and black bear, through the following online activities.  You can

Design a Panda Habitat, participate in a Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge, take A Walk in the Forest

and explore and conduct field research


The Science of Football


Key points


Game: enter the penalty shoot-out


 Are you a

natural footballer?


Training for football fitness


The best food for footballers


Animation: how to bend it like Beckham


Video: how David Ginola uses air to score goals


All about balls


Watching the big match


Vote: training or talent - what's more important?



Interactive Solar System games

 Kid Space
 Interactive games and fun space activities.

 Surfing the Solar System
 In this game, players are given clues in words and pictures to worlds or
 features in the solar system.

Space Vocabulary Memory Game
 Match a talking vocabulary picture with its talking word card.

Solar System Jigsaw
 Build the Solar System, from planets to space probes.

 Build A Solar System
 Make a scale model of the Solar System and learn the REAL definition of

 Planet Earth and Beyond
 Interactive space activities.

 Solar System Game
 Click on a rocket to use this interactive animated tutorial to learn facts
 about the space and the planets.