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Play Hangman

Hangman is a popular word game, usually played by two players with a pencil and paper. In our version of Interactive Hangman you play against the computer.

You can choose between five different themed games: Common Words, Phrases & Expressions, Movie Titles, Countries, and the Animal Kingdom. The computer will pick a word or phrase at random from that category, and display it as a series of dashes, representing letters.

You guess letters one at a time, and if your chosen letter is in the word or phrase then the computer fills it in. However, if it does not contain that letter, a line is added to the hangman's gallows . If the gallows are completed before you guess the whole word or phrase, then you lose the game.

You win if you guess the word or phrase before the gallows are completed, and you will be asked to enter your name or nickname for the Winners' List. The fewer wrong guesses you make in a game, the higher your score.








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