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Toys that promote creativity

Bring out the creativity in your children - get some ideas from the articles and then scroll down for the toys that our research shows are the best at promoting creativity.

New Year


(See also our Booklist of stories about New Year)



Happy New Year! Or is it? 

Happy New Year? That depends on which calendar you use! Students can explore the world's calendar options and create their own "perfect" calendars!


Chinese New Years Lesson Plans:

Click here to celebrate Chinese New Year with music and lanterns

This Chinese New Year lesson features an outstanding skit and art projects

Chinese New Year
Find resources such as calendars, puppets, food, and more.
(Depending on the year, this event may occur in February.)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Chinese New Year: What is a Chinese Dragon?

Lesson 2: A Monster Named Nian

Lesson 3: Dragons and the New Year Parade

Lesson 4: Chinese Lions and Lion Dancers

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

Color a Chinese Dragon:

Dragon Dance

Four Dragons Folk tale


New Year's Day Lessons and Worksheets

A variety of lessons and printables for grades K-12


New Year's Clock

New Year's Father Time

New Year's Balloons


New Year's Hour Glass

New Year's Bag of Fun


Here are some great New Year's resolution lesson ideas



New Year's Activities

Several printable craft activities.


Can Do

Fireworks Finale Card

Family Heirloom Cuckoo Clock


How Time Flies!

Curled-Paper Winter Holiday Cards


New Year's
Ring in the New Year with your students!


New Year's Crafts and Printables

Printable pages for a book, acrostic poem, word hunt, calendars, and more for New Year's Day.


New Year's Resolutions lesson plan

A site for the developing English language teacher


New Year's Day Printables

Printable writing paper, signs, projects and more for New Year's.

Ring in the New Year (lessons)

Year End Holidays

Celebration of New Year in many religions and cultures

Cambodian New Year (celebrated in April) mini-unit

Chinese New Year

New Year Scavenger Hunt (with questions & links)

Java Fireworks

Free New Years clip art

More Free Clip Art


Visit our Booklist of stories about New Year


Runaway stars

This is a segment from Science News for Kids and includes an article and a word search


A page of names and links for Australian landscape painters



Make a Rainbow Tank

Looking through the tank, you should notice that objects several metres away appear to be edged in rainbow colours.  Instructions here ...


Recent Kids Book reviews

Where the Streets had a name

By Randa Abdel-Fattah

The Big Splash

by Jack Ferraiolo


Video: The octopus and Evaluating Online Resources  



The cardboard Hen

Create a 3-dimensional hen with cardboard, coloured paper and some coloured pencils


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