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Exploring the Food Group: Grains and starches

Besides the wonderful aromas, flavors, and textures that food has, each food group provides varying amounts of diverse nutrients. Each one of the five food groups supplies some, but not all, of the nutrients you need for good health. For this reason, it's key that you eat from each food group every day.

Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta Group
The base of the Food Guide Pyramid includes all foods made from grains. These foods should form the base of a nutritious diet. Foods in the bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group--or the starch group--are rich in complex carbohydrates (or starches). Complex carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy. They are low in fat and cholesterol and are your body's main source of energy.

Pleasing the picky eater

There it sits: a lonely slice of meat loaf, its only companion an untouched side of green beans and a slightly sampled helping of mashed potatoes.

Picky eaters can test even the most patient parents. But it's a lot easier to cope with a picky eater when you understand why he is being so particular. Here are some reasons why your child might be the finicky foodie of the block:



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Keep Your Child's Sugar Intake to a Mimimum

Obviously, it's going to be hard to cut out high-glycemic sugars altogether, but there are a couple of easy steps you can take to dramatically reduce your child's sugar intake:

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Should government ban junk food?

Obesity has been classified as a 'European-wide problem of epidemic proportions', according to a recent article in Time Magazine. The article also states that the European Commission (EC) is going to go all out to counteract the harmful effects of junk food in the next five years.


Play Market Memory - Match the

fresh fruit and vegetables

Can your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?

What comes to mind when you think of a clean kitchen? Shiny waxed floors? Gleaming stainless steel sinks? Spotless counters and neatly arranged cupboards?

They can help, but a truly "clean" kitchen--that is, one that ensures safe food--relies on more than just looks: It also depends on safe food practices.

In the home, food safety concerns revolve around three main functions: food storage, food handling, and cooking. To see how well you're doing in each, take this quiz, and then read on to learn how you can make the meals and snacks from your kitchen the safest possible.

I sometimes wonder how some children manage to get enough energy to keep them going and going and going. If your youngster is one of the many who pick and choose the foods they like most... in most cases like this, children are getting all the nutrients they need despite their limited intake.  >> more





Kids Nutrition Program 

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a struggle sometimes. But, as Kimberly Van Scoy reports, a local program is getting them excited about nutrition.


ONE of the most difficult tasks for parents is to get finicky children to eat the proper foods that are necessary for their growth and development. We all know the importance of good nutrition, and if it is introduced early on, nutritionists say that increases the likelihood of lifelong good eating habits.

In too many cases, children eat a diet that's high in calories and includes more than an ample amount of processed foods. But with a little planning, you can create a variety of tasty dishes that will give children the healthy boost they need. The trick sometimes is to get them to eat it.

What is 7-a-day?

For many years, we’ve been reminded of the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diet. Significantly, an estimated 35% of cancer related deaths may be prevented by eating better. A balanced diet, which includes at least seven serves of fruit and vegetables a day, may help reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Lemons Add Zest to Life 

Lemon trees laden with their winter crop, boughs drooping under the weight of many hued lemons: dark green, lighter green becoming suffused with yellow, vibrant yellow bursting with life, then as they go unpicked and overripe a flush of orange seeps into the knobbly fruit. Until I came to South Africa lemons came from a shop: smooth, uniform yellow skins all year round. Now I have learned to
appreciate their seasonal bounty, struggling to use up all the fruit in winter, hoarding away the squeezed juice of the excess lemons in the freezer for summer, when the lemons must come from the shop again and are more expensive and less juicy.

This is the time to think up a hundred and one ways to use a lemon


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