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Carbon Smart
Calculate a household's greenhouse gas emissions online by answering questions about the use of transport, home appliances, and wastes. Also find out what can be done to reduce a carbon footprint.

Visualising air pollution

You need QuickTime to view the animation on this site.

Don't Mess With the Sea
Don't Mess with the Sea is a learning object created by the Marine Environment Protection wing of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. It can be either used online or downloaded to a local computer. It is an animated storyboard with sound showing the effects of garbage pollution in the marine environment. The intended audience is primary school students.

No Magic Borders
 In this lesson, students will learn about how important it is to take care of our land and protect it from pollution.  

Oil Spill Learning Center
Experiments for grade school, middle school, and high school; image gallery, articles . There is information for obtaining the free Water-Resources Education poster series.

Environmental Quiz: Air Pollution


  • Water, Water Everywhere
    Grades 4-5 - a series of experiments about the properties of water and the effects of water pollution
    Grade Level(s): 3-5;
  • Air Pollution - What Can You Do?
    Grade 3 - This lesson is about air pollution awareness. It will help students to understand what air pollution is and how students can communicate their feelings about it.
    Grade Level(s): 3-5; 



  • Be Accountable for Your Environment
    (Gr. 5) Complete, 24 lesson unit covering topics such as natural resources, recycling, water pollution, water conservation, air pollution, energy conservation and more.
    Grade Level(s): 3-5;



  • Environment - Earth Day Theme
    A guide to online lesson plans and resources for teaching about the environment, pollution, and saving the earth.
    Grade Level(s): K-2, 3-5;


  Air & Water

  Air Pollution Word Search Activity

  Air Quality & Transportation Lesson

  Effects of Garbage on the Environment

  Introduction to Air Pollution

  It's Eating Away at You: Acid Rain

  The Rubber Band Air Test

  Water Pollution  Lots of craft activities about the earth.  For smaller kids

Air Pollution: What's the Solution?
Welcome to Air Pollution: What's the Solution? an educational project for students, years 6-12, that uses online real-time data to guide student discovery of the science behind the causes and effects of ground level ozone.

Litter Detectives
(K-12) The students will develop a positive attitude against littering. Students will develop solutions to help reduce littering.

A convenient carrier or a marine killer? Heather Catchpole takes a look at why plastic bags should no longer be tossed out with the garbage.   Plastic bags are handed out free each week in Australia by the millions.  They are cheap to make, lightweight, waterproof and convenient. But the flipside of this convenience is that plastic bags are practically indestructible. And the number that ends up in the environment each year is growing.




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