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Pivotal Kids - Teaching - Book - ABC Follow me  Phonics Rhymes and Crafts Grades K-1

Fiction Activities

Rocket Reader




Reviewing picture books

Nursery rhymes


Myths and Legends

Reading comprehension: Strategies for Independent learners

ENGLISH TRAILERS:  A non-profit website that uses movie trailers as the basis for listening, reading, and writing practice in English.

Learning resources from the Oxford English dictionary

Welcome to the learning resources area for the Oxford English Dictionary. On this part of the site, we are collecting a variety of materials which will help education professionals to incorporate OED Online into their teaching, and introduce students to research techniques which encourage them to explore the riches of the Dictionary.

We aim to offer materials suitable for all levels from age group 11 to 14 through to University level, and we invite teachers to share any OED-related activities which they have devised and found useful.

As well as sample lesson plans and exercises, we will be adding more quizzes and word stories, and offering links to other sites on which similar materials for language study can be found.


Response Writing


Pivotal Kids learning - Videos - Blend Phonics Presentation 1


Pivotal Kids - Boys reading

Teaching Content is Teaching Reading

ngela Maiers Puzzle Lesson

Reading and writing with preschool and primary children - a video from Pivotal Kids Learning



Reading matrix

Database of interactive online reading activities from around the Web.


John Butler - Fun page
Children's illustrator and writer John Butler provides two interactive stories for very young children: Whose nose and toes? and Whose baby am I? Children move the mouse to find the matching animal. The simple easy to read text is displayed alongside.


Here's a great reading website for JP students. The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service.

It is US based and 4 sections from ABC to learn to read and I'm reading.
 It has some thematic sections as well. A good addition to a book-based reading program! Could be used at home.


Comprehension activities and references on www.resourceroom.net
 (taken from www.rlac.com or www.epsbooks.com)
 Booklets and books by Joanne Carlisle
 ELC StudyZone http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/
 and Free English Lessons http://eslus.com/LESSONS/READING/READ.HTM
 ELC has 5 different levels with multiple choice questions,  a cloze activity, a writing exercise and sentence ordering  exercises. The Free English Lessons includes cloze exercises,  speed reading exercises, extensive reading including newspapers and fiction, and science reading.
SightWords.com, a provider of free educational resources for teaching children to read

Our free and printable materials are designed to promote learning in the classroom and also at home. The site's features include:

•  A Curriculum covering the full range of Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

•  Classroom-tested Lessons based on the latest research, complete with “how-to” videos

•  Printable picture cards, word lists, and game boards

•  Teaching Tips for tailoring games to the specific needs of your students



Reading is fun (LP)
This resource was developed for Year 2 students having difficulty learning to read. A series of activities, recorded with the digital camera, was used to create texts for students to be discuss and manipulate.


Web Sites for Teaching Phonics
List of sites that could be useful when teaching phonics in the early primary grades.


Celebrate the whole month with I love to read Month

How to Teach Phonics To Your Child
Tips and Ideas on how to teach your child to recognize letter sounds, recognize letters, and pronunciations.

A Model Lesson Plan for Teaching Phonics
The following lesson designs demonstrate what the thinking process might entail as a teacher instructs a pupil in the area of phonics.


Bookmark contest
Using a reading week theme, print blank bookmarks on cards. Using these templates, children can design their own bookmark. Winners will be chosen from each grade level. Winning bookmarks are copied and printed and laminated, to hand out. Collect all seven!

Teach with Phonics Skills Chart
Key phonics skills, the approximate age most kids master them, and illustrations of mastery.


Have a READ-IN.
Students bring a pillow, stuffed animal, blanket, etc. and their favourite books on a set day and the students and teacher spend the entire literacy block reading in a comfy, cosy atmosphere. Invite parents, etc. to come in and read their favourite stories as well.

Four Ways To Teach Reading
The four main methods used to teach children how to read are explained.

 Adrian Bruce Reading Games (Adrian teaches at Byron Bay Community School and has a big IT rep)
 Download these free reading games for teaching sounds and blends.

FreeReading is a free reading intervention program for K–3. The program was originally developed by Wireless Generation and an advisory board of leading reading researchers. Now the program is an open-source, peer-authored text. Educators can find research-based literacy activities, share lessons and ideas, and use the complete set of activities in hundreds of lessons mapped to a 40-week scope and sequence based on recommendations of the National Reading Panel. Users can even download free resources, including letter cards, picture cards, music and videos.

 Little Animal Activity Centre
 Play games and learn first and end sounds as well as reading online stories.


Reading Is Fundamental, UK is an initiative of the National Literacy Trust that helps children and young people (aged 0 to 19) to realise their potential by motivating them to read.  We promote the fun of reading, the importance of book choice and the benefits to families of having books at home. Our projects provide motivational activities, opportunities for family and community involvement, and free books for children to choose and keep.

 The Highway Game
 Find all the letters of the alphabet with this online game.

 Magic Key
 Unlock the secrets of sentence writing and work out new words with characters.

 Starship English
 Unscramble the words and create stories of your own.

Fabulous Fiction
Guardian Unlimited says, "Teachers and parents who are struggling to  persuade teenage boys to pick up books could do worse than look to the  example of two 13-year-old boys who have created an award-winning website  aimed at inspiring young people to read."

 Seasame Street Games
 Learn the alphabet with Super Grover


Have a reading contest (race), for example around theworld. As each class comes closer to their goal (may be pages, books,
minutes of reading) move a marker on a huge bulletin board of the world. Each class that meets their goal will get to take part in a Party in the library. Have food from around the world and watch an educational video. In addition, teachers are focusing on world studies, languages, etc. Each teacher has decorated their door with a different concept around the world wide theme.  You can also use the Iditarod and have a Sled dog and racer in for an assembly.

 Picture Match
 Learn beginning, short and long vowel sounds by matching the sounds with the pictures.

 Write the Alphabet
 Use the virtual pencil to write the letters of the alphabet.

Tips for Teaching Autistic Children Reading Skills

Learning to read should be fun for any child, but when it comes to autistic children, you have to reach them on their level, so make sure you chose a method that meets their needs.


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