The Red Wind


Isobelle Carmody


CBCA Younger Readers Book of the Year 2011









Australia, 11 October 2011


In this captivating first book of this magical new series, brothers Zluty and Bily live happily in their little house in the desert. Every year Zluty journeys to the great forest while Bily stays to tend their desert home. And every year Zluty returns with exciting tales of his adventures. But then a devastating red wind sweeps across the land destroying everything in its path. And each brother must fight for his survival and journey into the perilous unknown..




Cloze Passage







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Moon Over Manifest
by Clare Vanderpool

Winner of the 2011 Newbery Medal

The movement of the train rocked me like a lullaby. I closed my eyes to the dusty countryside and imagined the sign I’d seen only in Gideon’s stories: Manifest—A Town with a rich past and a bright future.
Powerful in its simplicity and rich in historical detail, Clare Vanderpool’s debut is a gripping story of loss and redemption.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Philip Christian Stead

Winner of the 2011 Randolph Caldecott Medal

THE BEST SICK DAY EVER and the animals in the zoo feature in this striking picture book debut.

“Observant readers will notice tiny surprises hidden in plain sight: a red balloon, a tiny mouse and sparrow popping up here and there in the story.


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