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Thirsty for Knowledge?
These interactives are designed to help you educate your students on water processes, water cycles and the importance of conservation. Simply click on a topic: 
•    How is our water treated?
•    Our water sources
•    Water-efficient house

Water conservation online game acknowledged

An online game developed by Swinburne University students and staff has been recognised as an Official Honoree in the 12th Annual Webby Awards - hailed as the 'Oscars of the Internet.' The distinction has been awarded to Mission H2o, a water conservation game that teaches players how to optimise water usage in the home. The game is the work of 80 third year students and five lecturers from the university's multimedia design program, and represents more than 18,000 hours of research and development. The Mission H2o game can be accessed at


Carrying water (LP/MP): Students explore a variety of ways water is collected where there is no infrastructure to deliver it to people's homes.

Acting out the Water Cycle

This activity reinforces student’s understanding of the water cycle through the use of a role play. It will reinforce the concepts of evaporation, condensation and precipitation and provides the option of introducing the concepts of run-off, transpiration and groundwater.

Water on the Web: Curricula [pdf]

Water is the essential element of life, and efforts to understand it and its use (and abuse) can form part of an essential learning experience in the natural sciences classroom. Created by the University of Minnesota (in tandem with a wide range of other organizations), the Water on the Web curricula website offers instructional materials in two areas: basic science and water science. In the basic science area, visitors will learn through study lessons that detail such important topics as solubility, conductivity, and the basic properties of water. The water science section of the site contains materials that could be used by instructors who are teaching students about data collection and management in a water resource management course.

Water and me

Water alert  From Unicef Voices of Youth.  Play this game and solve the village's water needs.


Sustaining Water, Easing Scarcity
Perhaps the most vivid example of the interaction of population growth, water scarcity and international conflict is the vast basin of the Nile River in northeastern Africa.

The Nile and Hydropower
Egypt is concerned about what will happen when other countries like Ethiopia begin to utilize their waters for hydroelectric power.

City limits – Australia’s urban water crisis

Four Corners presents an extended edition of our City Limits program, first broadcast in October 2004. Through video and interactive content, we explore in greater depth the issues raised in the original program concerning Australia's continuing urban water crisis.


Catchment Care
 Catchment Care incorporates classroom activities and resources that will
 help you integrate biodiversity and catchment education into a
 whole-of-school approach.

 Water School
 Whether you\'re a student, teacher or self-educator, you will discover
 everything from how the water cycle works, to how to organise a school excursion to a treatment plant.

 Melbourne Water
 This is where primary students and their teachers can dive into facts about water in Melbourne.

 Groundwater Education Links
 Information about groundwater and why it is important.

 Surfrider Foundation
 Surfrider Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the
 protection and enhancement of Australia\'s oceans, waves and beaches for all people.


Water, Water, Everywhere
 In this lesson, students will identify water and land as examples of
natural resources.


  • What are the environmental water issues that affect our communities?
    To answer this question, Burleigh Heads State School has constructed a
    website for its Water Watch Project. Students have contributed by
    investigating community water resources, reading for information,
    interviewing, writing for web publication and creating visual multimedia
    presentations. Studies of Society and Environment; Science; Technology
    (Level: UP)



Water Recycling
Learn how waste water in North Carolina is purified by recycling it a natural way.
   This site from a group of Southern California water agencies   provides information and tips about wise water use, especially   with respect to landscaping. It includes a watering calculator and  watering index to help set automatic sprinklers, a searchable or  browsable gardening guide featuring images of gardens and   information about native and heritage plants, and a list of local
  plant retailers.

Water the Dinosaurs Drank(Gr. K-1) 6 lesson unit focusing on water conservation




Copyright free, cost free, royalty free music
21 sites that offer music that students can use in assignments and presentations




The Best of Children’s Art & Crafts







This book is an enormous collection of activities for children, all designed to exercise busy fingers and stretch fertile minds.


New Letter Writing Interactive

This is a fun way to learn about letter writing, check out the sample letters, helpful hints and the fantastic letterhead designs to choose from


One Woman's Wanderings With Web2.0






Showing the highlights of use of blogs, podcasts and wiki in my Year Four/Five class




The Animal Spot

On the site we have a variety of features to assist students of various age groups in researching animals from around the world.  These features include:

• An interactive map

• An “Animal Photos” section

• Information and photos about different classes and phyla

• Activities for students of younger ages, including word searches and coloring pages.



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