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Because of Winn-Dixie

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by Kate DiCamillo



Kate DiCamillo's debut novel wins a 2001 Newbery Honor and is a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Bestseller!

The summer Opal and her father, the preacher, move to Naomi, Florida, Opal goes into the Winn-Dixie supermarket--and comes out with a dog. A big, ugly, suffering dog with a sterling sense of humor. A dog she dubs Winn-Dixie. Because of Winn-Dixie, the preacher tells Opal ten things about her absent mother, one for each year Opal has been alive. Winn-Dixie is better at making friends than anyone Opal has ever known, and together they meet the local librarian, Miss Franny Block, who once fought off a bear with a copy of WAR AND PEACE. They meet Gloria Dump, who is nearly blind but sees with her heart, and Otis, an ex-con who sets the animals in his pet shop loose after hours, then lulls them with his guitar.

Opal spends all that sweet summer collecting stories about her new friends and thinking about her mother. But because of Winn-Dixie or perhaps because she has grown, Opal learns to let go, just a little, and that friendship--and forgiveness--can sneak up on you like a sudden summer storm.

Recalling the fiction of Harper Lee and Carson McCullers, here is a funny, poignant, and utterly genuine first novel from a major new talent. An unforgettable first novel about coming of age one sweet summer--and learning to love what you have.


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Fiction Activities for "Because of Winn-Dixie"

4 interactive segments about the author


1 set of Activities


3 set of facts with craft activities

(Alcohol, Dog nutrition, Parrots)


Book talks


5 character activities


3 Teachers' Guides


1 set of comprehension, analysis, synthesis activities


2 crossword puzzles


5 discussion guides/sets of questions


1 web quest


1 set of flash cards


1 online game


1 set of activities on literary texts and personal narrative


1 integration guide


3 lesson plans




3 Literature circle guides


1 Literature unit


1 movie/book comparison activity


1 realistic fiction organizer





1 Play


6 comprehension quizzes


4 theme quizzes


1 excerpt to read


1 set of Readers' Club activities


2 sets of recipes


1 set of shared reading activities


2 study guides


1 Teaching Unit


2 vocabulary activities


1 Voice lesson


6 worksheets and tests

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