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The Wizards of Waverley Place


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Interact with the characters of the Disney Channel original show, Wizards of Waverly Place!


--  The Books  --
The Russos look like an average family: Mom and Dad run a Manhattan deli, while their kids, Alex, Justin, and Max, deal with school, friendships, and first dates. But things are not exactly as they seem because these kids are all wizards-in-training! To make things more complicated, only one of them will remain a wizard after the age of eighteen. Talk about sibling rivalry! Full of the magic, comedy, and fun that you've come to expect from Disney Channel, this series has become a fan favorite!

Wizards of Waverly Place #1: It's All Relative!

by Helen Perelman

When Alex Russo discovers that her dad has already taught her brother Justin how to fly the family's magic carpet, she insists on getting her own flying lessons. The problem is, her father isn't quite ready for his little girl to fly. So Justin secretly teaches her to take to the skies. But when Dad finds out, will Alex be grounded? Plus, when their uncle pays a visit, the Russo kids learn a family secret about their parents.


Wizards of Waverly Place #5: Top of the Class  

by Heather Alexander  

Justin and Alex have completely different experiences while attending Wizard School. Justin's disciplined wizardry gains him popularity, while Alex's mellow methods sink her to outcast level. But when an evil professor plans to use Alex to rob Justin of his powers, can Alex sum up the sorcery to save the day? Plus, Max persuades his dad Jerry to have their long-awaited outdoor campout; the trick is making it through the night!


Wizards of Waverly Place #2: Haywire 

by Beth Beechwood


To get out of wizard training class and go to a fashion sale, Alex uses a spell to create a duplicate 3-D image of herself. Meanwhile, her youngest brother, Max, has just gotten a new wand. When he accidentally manipulates Alex through her clone, she makes a fool of herself at the sale and finds herself in double the trouble! Plus, when Alex uses a magical "pocket elf" to help her pass a Spanish exam, her brothers decide to teach her a lesson she'll never forget!


 Wizards of Waverly Place #6: All Mixed Up


by Heather Alexander


When Alex decides to try out a new spell to get her crush Riley to notice her, she accidentally makes a mannequin fall in love with her instead. Will Justin be able to get her out of her latest magical mishap? Plus, when Justin uses wizardry to become the pitcher of his school's baseball team, will he be able to step up to the plate, or will he strike out?


Wizards of Waverly Place #3: In Your Face

by Heather Alexander

When Justin has a date with a girl at school, his first kiss is such a disaster that he wishes it had never happened! His sister Alex tries to spare him by reversing the hands of time. But instead of helping her big brother, Alex lands them both in a bind. Can she figure out how to get things back to the way they were? Plus, when Justin gets a zit right before the school dance, Alex uses a spell that's supposed to make it disappear-but instead she brings it to life! 


Wizards of Waverly Place #7: Oh, Brother!


by Helen Perelman-bernstein 

Alex is tired of being compared to her older brother Justin, so she decides to enlist the help of a genie to make him just go away. But when the spell goes awry and Justin disappears for good, will Alex be able to summon her powers and get her big brother back? Plus, when the kids get a visit from their favorite uncle, their father decides to let them in on a very important magical secret! 


Wizards of Waverly Place #4: Spellbound

by Beth Beechwood 

Best friends Alex and Harper get invited to rude 'n' rotten Gigi's annual tea party, and to Alex's horror, Harper is psyched to go! But when Alex learns Gigi's game plan is to humiliate Harper, she decides she too will pop in to the tea-and use her magic to give Gigi an education in embarrassment. Plus, after casting a spell to help Harper with her Waverly Sub Station job, Alex battles the backlash from her magical misuse. 


Wizards of Waverly Place #8: Super Switch!

by Heather Alexander

When Alex tries to use magic to hide her less-than-stellar wizard school report card from her parents, she accidentally turns them into guinea pigs instead!  Things only get worse when Alex's brothers, Justin and Max, inadvertently let the animals loose.  Will Alex be able to reverse the spell, or will her parents be rodents forever? Plus, when Alex and her brothers befriend a mischievous new student at wizard school, the results are disastrous! 

          Wizards of Waverly Place #9: Rev It Up!

by N. B. Grace 

Alex has her eye on a cute guy at school named Dean. So when she finds out that he is really into cars, she asks her dad if Dean can help fix up their clunker. Dean not only fixes it up-he enters it in a race, too! Alex really wants to know if her crush likes her, so she magically transports herself into the car with Dean during the race. Then she uses a mind reader device to try to find out how Dean truly feels about her. Will Alex's plan pay off? Or will she end up in last place? Plus, Alex and Justin decide to take a trip down memory lane.








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