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Ask Mr. Technology, Get Answers


Joe Huber

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Linworth Publishing
Published in: United States, May 2007
Published: April 2007


Get the answers you need from Mr. Technology! Technology guru Joe Huber answers readers' questions with simple, easy-to-follow directions ·Use this book to learn to trouble-shoot your own technology issues in the library media center ·Hear technology advice from an expert in the field ·Save time and trouble with this handy technology reference! This hands-on resource is a compilation of the best tips and tricks from the "Ask Mr. Technology" column in LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION magazine (LMC). Technology columnist Joe Huber explains answers to Microsoft Windows® and Office® questions in plain, non-technical English that any school library media specialist can use. This book is organized and indexed in a way that makes it a useful tool for both reading cover-to-cover or as a desktop reference for the busy professional.



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