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Teaching with the Brain in Mind

~ Eric Jensen

$27.95             $21.50

I would love you to buy direct from me, but please feel free to check out the book at Amazon.  It will probably depend on how much you pay for shipping.

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Copyright free, cost free, royalty free music
21 sites that offer music that students can use in assignments and presentations






The Best of Children’s Art & Crafts















This book is an enormous collection of activities for children, all designed to exercise busy fingers and stretch fertile minds.




New Letter Writing Interactive

This is a fun way to learn about letter writing, check out the sample letters, helpful hints and the fantastic letterhead designs to choose from




One Woman's Wanderings With Web2.0







Showing the highlights of use of blogs, podcasts and wiki in my Year Four/Five class




The Animal Spot

On the site we have a variety of features to assist students of various age groups in researching animals from around the world.  These features include:

• An interactive map

• An “Animal Photos” section

• Information and photos about different classes and phyla

• Activities for students of younger ages, including word searches and coloring pages.

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